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Need for "Portable Application Creator"?

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Need for "Portable Application Creator"?

Hi I'm just thinking of creating something let's call it a "Portable Application Creator" based on NSIS.

This should be an installer that contains the Portable Launcher and it's sources.
It should create the necessary directory structure whereever you want.

It also copies the files necessary for the application into the appropriate directory.

This means: The user would have to install/download the application and extract it. Then he should provide the base directory to the creator. Thena ll fiel should be copied together with the portable launcher into a predefined directory structure.

My intention is to create something that could be used for all applications. Also for commercial ones for which distirbution is normally not allowed (of course each user has to respect the licence given by it).
Also an advantage would be that developers of portable applications do not have to care for each update of the bas software and each user could use the most actual version he downloaded somewhere himself.

The user would not have to wait for an update to the portable application to occur.

My question to you guys. Do you think there would be need or usage for that (before I start developing)? Please tell me your opinions

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Would be quite cool wouldn't

Would be quite cool wouldn't it - there are loads of apps that I have been using that aren't portable but I can run them off stick anyway - it would be nice to get them properly portable myself - most are commercial apps, for example Maple.

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Very appealing...

Definately a good idea. As I am sure there are a few people who at some stage or other have tried to do a portable app then given up with losing their way in setting everything up with the likes of registry entries etc.


Vizualize the possibilities!

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Maybe I did not explain my idea enough

this would be independent from the portable starter itself. This one has to be created (which registry keys, files etc. are created). For this Task you could use
e.g. the Portable Application Template here:
It would just automate the creation of the directory tree and copying all stuff together.

It would just help to set up the portable app the correct way.

It would not automatically check what registry keys are used etc. Because most programs check a lot keys in order to run properly but change or create only a few. This work has to be done before...

The following steps happened:
1. So e.g. you create a launcher application with help of the Portable Application Template.
The you pack it into an Installer/Application, the "Portable Application Creator".
You distribute it then.

2. Everyone who uses the same application than you but wants to make it portable (e.g. on USB stick) runs the "Portable Application Creator" (PAC).
The PAC asks where to install the portable App to, which directory structure should be used and where the main directory of the (currently non-portable) application is created.
Then a directory structure is created like you know them from the portable applications on this site. Also the launcher application is then copied to the correct location.

Is there any interest on something such an, well maybe creator is the incorrect word. In fact it is more an type of installer?

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This isn't feasible except

This isn't feasible except for the most basic programs. FxP's directory structure is radically different from normal Fx, for example. Sure, an automatic registry wrap is possible, but there's a lot that goes into making a program truly portable if it isn't already close.


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