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CDBurnerXP Pro

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CDBurnerXP Pro

I've been using a few portable apps for a while, and Id like to request if CDBurnerXP Pro could be made portable?
I know it's been spoken about on their own forum too, but no one seems to take the hint.
It's got to be one of the best free (I think it's opensource)burners out there and I'd like to use it on the move.
Anyway here's a link to the website
Let me know what you all think.

John T. Haller
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Although it's freeware, it's closed source / proprietary. So, it's illegal to do any modifications or changes and redistribute without publisher permission.

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Thanks for the quick reply

Thanks for the quick reply John.
In your option, do you think it would be difficult to turn into a portable?
Also how would we go about getting permission to to this and what would the chances be?

Steffen M. Luba
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Maybe you want to try this as long as you are waiting for your favourite burning software to be turned portable: (The first one)

The programm is quite simple, but as far as I understand it is portable.

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Well, does *modifications/changes* include such things as simply figuring out how to "package" an installed instance of it so that same can be run from CD/flashdrive?...

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