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Unable to install jportable

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Unable to install jportable


I am using proxy in my environment.
I notice that jportable require to download Java.
But it is not able to use proxy to downlad Java.

How can I install or download Java separately?
Or how do I resolve this issue?


Gord Caswell
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Try from elsewhere

1. Try downloading using Internet Explorer, if you aren't already. The Platform uses IE's proxy settings.

2. If that fails, try downloading from somewhere that is not restricted by those proxy settings.

Alternatively, you can try downloading the java package directly from (this is exactly what the jPortable installer does), possibly from another location:

and place that file BESIDE jPortable_7_Update_7_online.paf.exe, so it looks like this:


and then run jPortable_7_Update_7_online.paf.exe, it will find the jre download and run it, instead of downloading it.

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