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GIMP installs files in profile folder

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GIMP installs files in profile folder

The current version of PortableGimp (Windows XP) appears to install files in the current user's profile directory, similar to the way in which a full install of GIMP does. I'm currently using PortableGIMP on an actual hard drive, not a portable one, though I was able to replicate this problem from a portable drive.

I am using PortableGIMP from my hard drive because I'd like to avoid the pref files that GTK apps seem to spray all over the place, and never clean up on uninstall. I realize that these exist in part to provide per-user settings, but this is obviously a moot point for a portable app. Also, the program (and every other GTK+ app I've ever used) doesn't just stick its settings in a single directory; it tends to spread them around. PortableGIMP just does not run 'clean.' I was able to find leftover files in the following folders:

- $profile$\.thumbnails\
- $profile$\.fonts.cache-1
- $profile$\.gtk-bookmarks
- $profile$\Local Settings\Apps\2.0\(and all nested folders within)

The application may also leave tracks in the Windows registry as well. This isn't good portable application behavior, even as defined by this site ( | "none of your personal data is left behind"). I'd really like to see all pref files, caches, &etc. redirected to either the application's own directory, or to a temporary folder that can be automatically cleaned up on application exit.

And because it should always be mentioned, thank you for your time, and your efforts in providing the rest of us with good software.

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Files left on the PC

I confirm that gimp leave lot of files on the PC.
The current version 2.2.12 is not so safe to use on a PC.
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