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Portable .NET Runtime (v2.0)

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Portable .NET Runtime (v2.0)

This isn't exactly a request for an app, but rather a way to run other apps... A few apps I'd like to run off my thumb drive (for example, the Jedi Window Dock app).

Basically, I'm hoping for the .NET runtime 2.0 in a ZIP format (or self extractor or whatever, but due to the whole portable thing an installer wouldn't work) and a batch file or something to set the proper environment variables, so when I go to run a .NET app it'll start up without whining about the fact that the runtime isn't installed.

Not sure how possible this would be, but if you guys can get this working, I'd be very grateful. Smile

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great idea

me too. i'm not down installing the whole bloated .net thing, i have 1.1 but i've kind of been disagreeing with installing/updating things for a while.. so a for portable version of .net that would be great and so many apps could be run off of that, with no hassle.

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1.1 vs 2.0

1.1 and 2.0 are actually different products. Some .NET apps require one. Some the other. And I don't think you can use either without installing as it updates system files and a ton of registry entries. Essentially, .NET is made to be *very* tied to Windows. Not to mention the fact that it's illegal to modify it.

Now a portable package of MONO, that's another story.

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