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Multiple Partitions PortableApps

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Multiple Partitions PortableApps

If for some reason you need to have some portable applications on another partition than other portable applications. uTorrent, repair tools etc.

For Example: If the computer shutdown to reboot, it damages the directories somehow and on next boot, there's no access and there won't be any before it is plugged into a system with windows 7 (all repairs on win XP fails).

Running the current version of portableapps twice each from a different partition would probably mix up stuff like similar icons...

Sometimes hitting eject doesn't work. Maybe utorrent or similar applications that often haven't stopped running is the problem, it doesn't matter, because if the system must reboot and those apps won't stop, the directories are screwed.

So it's best to split partitions to minimize casualties and keep repair tools and safe apps on secondary partition.

What about a start menu for portableapps on 2 partitions and recommendations as to where to place apps secure + portableapps repair tools?