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Dialog boxes in Portable FF cutoff or truncated

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Anonymous (not verified)
Dialog boxes in Portable FF cutoff or truncated

Why do some dialog boxes in Portable Firefox tools/options appear to be cut off
on the right side? An example is in the content tab both the advanced button and the colors button open
dialog boxes that appear to missing the right side. I have noticed this behavior in Portable Tbird also.
Trying to grab the right edge and expanding the box is not possible. There are options not available
because of this. Is anyone else aware of this problem? And can it be fixed? BTW I love these portable apps.
Keep up the good work, John.

PS using latest Portable FF 1.5 version

Below are links to screen shots illustrating this behavior.


John T. Haller
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It's your settings

It's your Windows theme and/or font settings. This is an issue within FF itself. There's a bug on it in bugzilla I'd hunt for to show ya if I wasn't on dialup.

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Frank Golden (not verified)

Hi John,
Found several bugs in bugzilla related to this issue, nothing of much help. Apparently earlier versions allowed resize of dialog boxes.
Latest versions do not. Found out through trial and error (my favorite method of dealing with these devil machines) that you have to use "tahoma" when setting up the Message Box option under appearance using Windows XP classic themes. Furthermore the font size must be 8 and not be set to bold.
I think every thing else can be any way you want. Strange or what. When setup this way on my machine the whole dialog box is visible. I was right that some action buttons are not available when the dialog box is only partially visible. This fix/workaround appears to work with Tbird also. Maybe the developers could change back to the resizeable box of earlier versions. Many of us like our Windows a certain way and the truncated appearance of the dialog box does not look polished. Sorry you have to struggle with dial up.

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