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How I Found PortableApps.Com

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How I Found PortableApps.Com

so i've only just recently become aware of the awesomeness of portable applications out of wondering what i could do with all the flash drives i have laying around other than carrying around files so i went to youtube for "how to" and "make your own" videos and it seemed like every single video i watched started out with this sentence.. "ok, the fist thing you'll need to do is open up your browser and goto and then..." haha so i took the hint and now, here i am! i'm really glad i am to.

i'm no IT extraordinaire but i can navigate through some basic pc problems and thanks to i'm currently working on building a nice little toolkit for my flash drive, i'm sure everyone here knows that if you're knowledgeable at any level about pc's you'll get calls from friends and family on a daily basis to come fix their computer haha but there's 2 applications i'm most interested in for personal use, PChat, ssl, blowfish? and EAC (Exact Audio Copy) Portable Launcher but i can't wait to get started on my pc rescue toolkit and if anyone is interested in maybe listing apps in theirs, please do so i'd appreciate it. Thanks and glad to be here!