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[Fixed] Lynx help files not found

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[Fixed] Lynx help files not found

When I try to view the built-in help in Lynx (by pressing h or ?) the following message is displayed:

Alert!: Unable to access document.

I browsed the app directory, and the help files seem to be there, in \PortableApps\LynxPortable\App\Lynx\help\

Ken Herbert
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Looking through the bug list

to see if I could help out anywhere and I ended up here.

The root cause is that lynx.cfg has
HELPFILE:C:\Program Files (x86)\Lynx/help/Lynx_help_main.html.gz
set for the help file path (line 3590), which has not bee made portable. The COLOR_STYLE has also not been made portable here, but it is handled otherwise by a command line parameter. Thus the help file will only ever be found if the user is on a 64-bit machine with a local install of Lynx.

There is no command line option for the help file location, but we could either add a [FileWrite] updating this specific path, or easier still add LYNX_HELPFILE=%PAL:AppDir%\Lynx\help\Lynx_help_main.html.gz
to the [Environment] section.

John T. Haller
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Fixed in 2.8.7. Rev 2

This is fixed in Lynx Portable 2.8.7. Rev 2.

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