Platform 11.0 Released, Lots Of New Apps, And An Appeal For Your Help

Welcome to the September 2012 edition of the Newsletter. A brand-new 11.0 platform release is out, lots of new apps are available, our founder makes a personal appeal and tons of apps are updated. So, let's get to it!

==== Platform 11.0 Released, 12.0 Starting ==== is proud to announce the Platform Version 11.0 stable release. This release features keyboard navigation and screen reader accessibility, an enhanced app store with ways to see new releases and updates apps, new ways to customize your app list, incremental update support for both apps and the platform (smaller downloads when we add new features) and lots of fixes and localization updates. And, of course, it has all the other great features including a built-in app store, updater, portable font support, categories and more. Read all about it here:

We've already begun work on 12.0 which will feature bundled file associations (no more add-ons required), custom theming, easier access to your most important apps and lots more. You can watch our homepage, Facebook or Twitter to find out when or tick the beta platform releases box under Advanced Options to automatically get updated to it. We'll need our translators to help add the strings for the new features, so please keep your eye out.

==== A Personal Appeal, We Need Your Help ====

Today, just after the new 11.0 release of our portable platform and the start of work on 12.0, our founder is asking you to support with a donation. Please help keep free and growing by reading and donating today.

==== New Apps Every Week ====

We're still at it: releasing new apps, with at least one new app every week. In the last couple months, we've released Wise Registry Cleaner, WackGet (download manager), Quick Blackjack, Sqliteman (database client), PicPick (screenshot and image editor), AIMP (media player), FotoSketcher (image editor), MicroSIP (voice calling), Lynx (text-based browser), Free Download Manager, Dicom (word completion utility), Process Hacker (process manager), 4st Attack (puzzle game) and Links (another text-based browser). They're all free and just a click away in our app store. See them all here:

We also went through and updated a ton of your favorite apps, adding features, improving portablization where we can and some other handy things. You can get all the updates right in the platform by Checking For Updates. And you can see the updates on our site here:

That's it for this month's newsletter. We hope you enjoy the shiny new platform. Stay cool and keep portable-apping!

All the best,
The Team


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I have to say i love the work you guys do here, Also to all the people working on the apps, thank you for all your time & code work. I'm sure a big fan.

Keep up the Great work Guys & Girls

thank you again