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Lost all emails profiles

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Lost all emails profiles

I was using portable for more than a year but suddenly when I open thunderbird last night, I found all my emails profiles has disappear and the application is asking me to create new profiles again. So can I locate back my emails profiles folders especially the sent folders and the archives folders. Anyone able to advise? Thank you.


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Corrupt prefs.js

This can often be caused when Thunderbird's prefs.js file (main configuration file) gets corrupted. It can happen to the local or portable version. The best thing to do is restore your prefs.js from a recent backup. If you don't have one, you may need to recreate it.

In the above article, the prefs.js file is located in your ThunderbirdPortable\Data\profile folder.

Be sure to backup your current install before attempting anything. It would also be a good idea to check your drive for errors.

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Same here...

Had TBird running a couple of days on an old laptop, looked good. This morning I exited from it (yes, it looked good - I have probably a half-dozen or more email accounts in it), closed/ejected PA, took out the thumb drive, shut down the laptop, took the thumb to a desktop in my office, brought up PA, brought up TB... and it's asking the same effing thing as the previous poster described. Ran through the eject cycle, took it back to the laptop, and... same damn thing. Checked the directories, looks like all the data's there okay. Looked at the prefs.js you referred to, and it doesn't appear to be corrupted. Is this a hallowe'en prank?

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