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Portable Technic Launcher

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Portable Technic Launcher

For people who play the minecraft tekkit or technic pack and dont wanna lose their data or want to play at school. i introduce technic portable.
it runs completely off the flash drive and saves all data to the flash drive. the link is you need to install all 4 exe files for it to work properly.

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Edit: Works!

Will not run for me. Get error: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.
I am using jPortable 7 Update 9, though, and I'll try the one you packaged. I'll comment again afterwards.

Edit: Downgraded to your packaged jPortable and Java Launcher, still getting the same error. Will try running as admin later, no time now.

Edit: Tried on a different computer, works perfectly. I guess it was just my machine. Thanks!

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I've got the launcher running, but it tries to download an updated minecraft.jar when I try to login, and gives me an error of "Update Failed!"

I've tried replacing it with the current .jar file manually, and its not helping.

Any ideas?

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