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Bundle of Apps no longer available

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Bundle of Apps no longer available


In previous versions there used to be a set of apps bundled along with the platform. Is this no longer available? This was very useful to me whenever I wanted to reformat my USB; now I have to manually download each and every app

Thanks in advance

Ken Herbert
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You don't need to manually

You don't need to manually download anything apart from the platform.

Once you have it installed and open, click Apps->Get More Apps and select By Category or By Title depending on how you want to view the list. Then just select the apps you want and they will all automatically be downloaded and installed for you.

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HI winterblood, Thanks for

HI winterblood,

Thanks for your response, but in my opinion it's a manual process to select the apps and download

If I recollect correctly, previously it used to be different options -- "basic" "full" etc and apps used to be bundled along with the suite

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But the Suite package was dropped once the app store was working right. And the big package had the downside that apps got outdated fairly quickly.

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John T. Haller
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The platform does all the work for you by downloading and installing only the apps you want and none you don't, which winds up saving you bandwidth and install space. Plus, that means you can get the suite you want in any language (previously, it was only available in English) and all the apps are always up to date (previously, they would often have a couple apps outdated).

We may bring back 'suites' at some point, but they'll be automated within the platform and downloaded on the fly their, too.

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