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What is «wrong destination folder»?

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What is «wrong destination folder»?

I tried to instal Thunderbird Portable. First, using saved on hard disk file «ThunderbirdPortable_16.0.1_English.paf.exe», then opening it without saving. Both attempts came to the same result: the installation program refuse to continue on stage «Installation folder selection», and I have a message:
«Wrong destination folder. Please, select right folder.»
I had changed folders many times, with "ThunderbirdPortable" in their names and without it, on different hard disks and directories. No matter.

What I have to do?
Please, help!

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There are some folders where the installer blocks installation like programm files because on Win 7 and later, UAC prevents any users writing to that folder. More infos are in this thread:

The only thing you can do is to pick a different folder like C:/PortableApps

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