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How can I tell U3 app

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How can I tell U3 app

How can I tell if the app is u3 capable? Or is it as long as it is portable I can use it? Thanks

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You can run any portable

You can run any portable apps off of your u3 drive, by saving them anywhere on the disk and using them as if it wasn't a u3 drive.

If you want them to appear on the u3 launcher though, you have to download the u3 shortcut creator or manually follow the steps on the thread in this forum on the topic.

Basically all u3 is, is a fancy way of having a shortcut to existing apps on your flash drive.

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No , its A LOT more than that..

u3 is also a "2 in 1" DEVICE (CD-rom & flash drive)
If you read the sandisk SDK you will
realize that u3 is also an attempt to
implement strong DRM and that the controller
is very powerfull and is capable of some
pretty sneaky things ,like writing cookies
to a user-inaccessible reserved memory area..

But your right , you can run ANY portable app
from a u3 drive. Just dont ask sandisk if you can !!

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