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Pidgin: "Can't find host"

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Pidgin: "Can't find host"

I just put PortableGaim Beta 2 on my USB Flash Drive and I cannot connect to MSN, Yahoo, or Google Talk. I can, however, connect to AIM and ICQ just find, oddly enough. Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I'm going to be experimenting to see if I can find the problem. Thanks for any help.

Edit 2: It seems that it works on aanother computer, but I'm worried that it will stop working on the other PC I was using (don't have access to the other one at the moment). Any ideas why it didn't work on the other PC? Thanks.

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Firewall, net connection settings, etc

Sounds like a firewall or net config on that machine. If a machine locks out the servers for a given protocol, you need to try the workarounds. AOL's servers, for example, listen on port 80 in addition to the default to solve this problem.

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