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export profile from TB Portable to mounted drive

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export profile from TB Portable to mounted drive

win XP, thunderbird portable 16.0.2

i want to encrypt my emails, so nobody who has accidentally access to my Notebook will be able to read them.

I am using truecrypt and want to move the TBportable profile (lightning calendar included) into one crypted container mounted to a fix drive, e.g. U:\.

I do NOT want to move TBportable itself into the crypted container.

1) I want TBportable to know the (new) location of the profile. But how?
2) If access to the profile is not given (since the container is not mounted yet), TB should not automatically create a new profile but ask for the position/path of the missing profile.
3) In addition to that any other ideas of how to encrypt my locally saved emails and calendar are welcome.

thx in advance,

John T. Haller
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Move Both

Thunderbird Portable can't point to a portable profile on another drive. It's meant to be self-contained. So you should move the entire thing to your encrypted container. Since TBP is useless without the profile and vice versa, there's no real reason not to anyway. Plus, you'll get slightly better performance as a general rule.

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TBP in container / automatic updater

first of all: thank you for your prompt answering.

the reason why i did not want to move it completely into the container is that the automated updater will not find it.
I.e. if i move all programs with sensitive data into the container, none of them will be recognized by the automatic updater.

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move platform

you can move the whole platform into the container

Otto Sykora
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