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Xidel 0.6 released (cli "webscraper" and XQuery engine)

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Xidel 0.6 released (cli "webscraper" and XQuery engine)

I just made a new release of my Xidel, a command line tool for extracting data from web/html sites, supporting XQuery 1, XPath 2, CSS 3 selectors and pattern-matching.

E.g. you can get a list of all portable apps here with css selectors and xpath:

   xidel -e 'css(".content")/h2/following-sibling::ul/li/a'

Or only css: (but Xidel is mainly a XPath/XQuery processor, the css part is not really tested => I bet you can find some bugs there):

   xidel -e 'css(".content h2 ~ ul li a")'

Or with pattern-matching, you can get all newly released apps on the front page:

    xidel -e "<div><h1>Latest Releases</h1><a>{.}</a>*<a>All Releases</a></div>"

It is fully portable, since it is a single binary, has no dependencies (except libc and openssl on Linux), and no config/data files; but I'm too lazy to make it in the portableapps format. I hope someone here wants to do that...

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