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Pidgin: Minimize, Buddy list Icons, and Groups.. OH MY!

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Pidgin: Minimize, Buddy list Icons, and Groups.. OH MY!

Hey folks, I'm running Gaim_Portable_2.0b3.1_en-us from a usb drive.

The application seesm to work find, but I'm wondering if I'm missing some configuration options somewhere. There are two things that I'm trying to accomplish.

1. When I minimize GAIM, I would like it to minimize to the system tray as opposed to the task bar. I thought it did this in previous versions, but I know that it doesn't seem to want to in this version.

2. In your 'buddy' list, where is shows all of who is online, the icons are SO BIG.. is there a way to either remove icons from that list of online users.. or make them smaller?

3. My last item is I'm curious as to whether or not there is a way to remove grouping all together. It really drives me crazy.. why do we have to classify people, huh, isn't that just propogating separatism, sexism, racism?! haha (that's a joke people). Blum

Anyway, if anyone can hit on any of these points and either confirm that it's not possible, or what the resolution is, I'd really appreciate it.


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  1. Tools » Plugins » System Tray Tool
  2. I don't know about that one, check with someone else
  3. I keep everyone under "People" Wink

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To make the buddy list icons smaller, uncheck Buddies -> Show buddy details

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