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Portable IMs

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Portable IMs

only Gaim is mentioned on this site, but there's at least one more: Miranda (

the standard plugin set that comes with it makes a perfectly portable app (which is sometimes a pity, like after you move to a lower res video, as it stores window positions in its db).

John T. Haller
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I'm going to play with Miranda more when I get time. But I haven't even been able to get it working in a normal local install.

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try this Zipped Miranda:

try this Zipped Miranda:

actually whole Miranda and its plugins works fine with Portable Drive but one plugin, AvatarService have some problems with it sving fullpath to avatars

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crow (not verified)

iam one of the happy user of miranda portable for the last 4month,
actually i prefer miranda to gim,trillian,

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