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No new updates found

I appologize in advance if this quetion appears to be viewed as "needy" - I do appreciate all the time and effort that John and others have devoted to this community.

For FF 1.x subreleases, I have been able to select "Check for updates..." from the help menu to update FFP. However, as of this morning, I still receive a message stating no new updates for my version

Will we need to wait for a major reinstall for the major release 2.0? Or am I just being impatient and need to wait for the update servers to catch up to the new release?


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i dont think that ff 1.5 can

i dont think that ff 1.5 can be uptdated to 2.0 youll have to download the installer and then install it over the 1.5

2 minutes of work and it should work flawlessly.

though there is still no automatic update for 3.0 rc3... well...

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Just wait a bit

When 1.5.07 came out, I too checked for updates, and it said there where none. That was in the morning, but in the evening, I received a message saying there was an update available. So my recommendation is just to wait, it will show up eventually. Now if you are really getting inpatient, I believe you can always download 2.0 install it locally then move the program files to the FirefoxPortable\app folder. From what I understand, John is using the same launcher from 1.5.07 in 2.0.

As for me, I will not update or download the latest one, I'll just wait for John's release.
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RC3 is the latest. The only

RC3 is the latest. The only difference is a name change.


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Surely there is RC3 printed

Surely there is RC3 printed in the "Help > About" Dialogue.

Otherwise why not re-title the release on the main page.

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No, there is no RC3 branding.

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Once again, I'll say

Once again, I'll say this:

Mozilla decided they want to incorporate a new functionality to their Update feature. It's to allow for major/minor updates. Major updates would be updates like from 1.5 to 2. Minor updates would be updates like 1.5 to Basically the feature would allow for users to choose between a few options:

1. To take the major update (and click through the new license agreements, etc.).
2. To stick to the minor updates and only get security updates from the current line they're on (e.g. 1.5.x)
3. To never be notified of updates again.
4. Maybe some more or maybe some of the above are incorrect. I'm not entirely sure on this list so don't quote me. Blum

The feature is already in the new Firefox 2 however it isn't in (the latest release in the 1.5.x series). Mozilla plans on releasing sometime this coming week (it's in QA testing phases). The release will include the new update functionality and then you can update to Firefox 2 using Firefox's own update feature.

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