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Filezilla-Runtime request

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Filezilla-Runtime request

I thrilled to bits to have discovered this site and have tried half of the programs. Filezilla doesn't seem to work and puts up a pop-up window with the following message. [It would seem that my amchine is missing something.]

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the support team for more information."

I have used Filezilla standalone in the past with no problems. I loaded portable version when i formatted drives and reinstalled win98se.

Help much appreciated. I am hoping to use this application to access my website when i'm at work (school teacher). These portable applications for me using different machines - are a godsend.

many thanks

John T. Haller
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Re-read the project page

Please re-read the FileZilla project page. You'll see that FileZilla dropped support for Win9x a while ago.

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