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Building Toucan from scratch

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Building Toucan from scratch


I'd like to build Toucan on a Windows XP machine. I tried almost all suggestions posted in topic but without success.

The offending source statement was:
#include <boost/threadpool.hpp>

because the threadpool library is not included in the latest Boost release. Actually, this library seems abandoned: the latest version (0.2.5) available on SourceForge is already four years old.

Since my machine had almost nothing except Python and Mercurial, I downloaded and installed the following packages:

Boost libraries 1.52.0
cxxTest 4.0.2
gtest 1.6.0
MinGW compiler suite
SWIG 2.0.8
wxWidgets 2.9.4

Toucan sources were downloaded from the Mercurial repository (changeset 1839, dated 2012-09-14).

I also tried two older versions that do not require the threadpool feature (Mercurial changesets 1825 and 1685). Both failed, with different errors.

So the big question here is: is it worth insisting with the [abandoned, unsafe] threadpool package, or would it be better to go back to some earlier release?

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Update 2012-11-25

I managed to build Toucan with the following changes to repository changeset 1839:

1) commented out all the threadpool statements
2) added the following include statement in several files

#include <wx/frame.h>

3) fixed another five minor issues (like missing #define)

Running issues:

4) obviously, threads do nothing because of commented code
5) executable too big: 140 MB (debug), 84 MB (minimum)
6) added two missing bitmaps (undo.png and redo.png)

Any suggestions to solve the thread problem, with or without using the thread pool?

Steve Lamerton
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for the very slow reply. The best thing to do is just to download the threadpool library and use it. If I have enough time to do some significant work on Toucan I'll probably replace it but that isn't likely with my other commitments at the moments.

To solve the large exe problems you need to run the strip utility that should be included with MinGW.

If you have any specific errors when compiling or any other questions they just let me know, I'll try and keep a better eye on this thread.

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Can this be compiled under Linux?

Hello Steve (if you're still around). I'd like to take a look at Toucan from the developer's point of view and I see you've mostly used the cross-platform components, but as far as I understand you only target Windows, right?

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