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Poor performance running from harddrive.

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Poor performance running from harddrive.

I am getting unacceptably sluggish response time to such simple things as menu tracking on LibreOfficePortable running from the new harddrive on my equally new Windows 8 64-bit laptop. Other portable apps don't have this problem. I even get acceptable responsiveness from FirefoxPortable even though it is running without a cache.

I'm using the portable version of LibreOffice because I've made the decision to use the new W8 start panels as little as possible so the portable launcher is very convenient, and also because I don't want to clutter up the windows registry with a lot of software installs.

Are there any ways to speed up LibreOfficePortable, like for example uncompressing the executables? If not, I'm probably not going to use it because it is just too slow.