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bible app request

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bible app request

I was searching for how to make a portable app, but it looks too complicated. I am a fast learner, so if you want to help me and don't want to do all the dirty work I will be happy to do that, but I need somebody to show me the right tools and steps to take.

About the app: It's ideal for people who want to study the bible the way it was written. No teacher of minister is in your way of reading the reall stuff! So it's a good tool for christians and atheists who want to study the real bible.

I don't know the license. I know it's free, but there isn't anything mentioned about being open source or freeware. Maybe someone can see this information on the website. In the meantime, I'll contact the app developer to see if he knows anything about the license.

Program: ISA Basic

License: Free/???

Description: greek and hebrew bible study tool


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Looks like it's a no-go unless the Dev expressly allows it.

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