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allway sync

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allway sync

I am using some portabel sofware called Allway sync

One can also download a 'paf' version on their website ( ) however it is called paf.exe, but it is just a zip file and not a paf installer.

May be someone could point those guys as how to make proper paf version and then they might be happy to place it here as well?

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IT IS exe.paf last time i checked

i'm not wierd, i'm just different

J Neutron
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Yeah, but...

Have you tried actually using it?

The folder structure isn't according to spec (no \Data, no \App) and the actual executable isn't in the main folder... it lives in \Bin.

It would be easy to make it compliant. Why call it a paf and imply that it conforms to spec when it doesn't?

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