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I just thought it would be cool for you to produce a portable encryption program that would build a self decrypting executable file with an option to place the file where the originator of the exe file wants the file decrypted. The program also could build multiple self decrypting executable files within the main exe file. The self decrypting executable file had all sorts of options like replacing the original exe with the file you just decrypted.
I do not know if you were familiar with a program called Stronghold made by Mc Afee. It was a cool program that was designed for Win 3.1 95 and 98. but will not run on XP.
I could send you a file that was encrypted with this program but you would not be able to open it without Win 3.1 95 or 98 unfortunately.
If at all possible I could send the program Stronghold to you via CD for you to look at. The program fit on a floppy. The program states that it will not run because of a missing DLL file. inless you run it on a older OS.