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Documents vs Data

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Documents vs Data

Looking for some guidance - I'm trying to create a portable version of an app that creates its own subfolder in "My Documents". My understanding of the documentation for the launcher is that I should be able to use the FolderMove to move this subfolder back and forth from the PortableApps drive but I'm not clear as to the best location for the files on the drive.

Does the folder need to be under the "Data" folder to comply with the PortableApps specification, or can I move it from the PortableApps Documents folder to "My Documents" when launching the app and back again afterwards?

The app is open source, so I could look at modifying it, but seeing as this is my first attempt at creating a PortableApp I thought I'd go with the "easy" option(!)


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It's generally best to look to see if there is a command line switch or an environment variable you can set to redirect said folder to the Data directory without moving it. Since it is open source, there is probably documentation or you can at least look at the source. If not, you can use FilesMove to move it back and forth to AppName\Data. It should not be placed in the Documents folder.

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