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Updated apps - how to find the release notes

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Updated apps - how to find the release notes

When PortableApps starts, or more specifically, the update runs, it lists a number of apps with updates. But it is not very clear what has changed in each app. How would one easily find the release notes for each app?

I have trouble even finding release notes from within the site. Most of the product pages describe the product itself very well. For a new user of that app - exactly what's needed. For existing users - what has changed between versions is more salient.

This is probably for the more techie or paranoid types among us. Have been taught to understand what is in a certain update before applying it, lest a useful functionality 'break'.

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Oftentimes the base app's

Oftentimes the base app's changelog does not keep the same URL, sometimes does not keep an expected URL format, and sometimes doesn't even exist.

Thus PortableApps doesn't keep changelogs for any apps. Sometimes a release post will give some general detail about what has changed, but it is not a guaranteed feature of every release post.

To find out what has changed in the app you will have to go to the official site of the base app and find the changelog yourself.

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