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add-on locations

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add-on locations

I've used my Thunderbird on my usb since forever, but I do keep a backup copy of it on my desktop, which I sometimes access for a quickie.
One thing I noticed a while back is that when I removed adds-ons or themes on my usb, and then transfer my usb copy to my desktop, I see the older add-ons/themes I had removed from my usb, but were still on the older version which I just copied over into the same directory.

My questions is if there is a file or folder that I can delete that has all the add-ons or themes (it could be 2 places) so that when I copy the usb version over the desktop version, it will have the same set of addons/themes.

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To backup your data

Just delete the Data folder in the desktop version, then copy the Data folder from the USB version to the desktop version. Or better yet, rename instead of delete, so you still have the old data in case the copy goes wrong.

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