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Chrome Portable NPAPI Flash plugin?

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Chrome Portable NPAPI Flash plugin?


is it possible to include the NPAPI Flash plugin somehow to Chrome Portable so that it will be used instead of the build-in PPAPI plugin?

The PPAPI isn't compatible with Adobe Connect's Add-In and I'd like to use the NPAPI plugin even if Flash isn't locally installed.

When Flash is installed I can use this guide:

But how to add the NPAPI Flash plugin to the portable package?

Thank you!

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Oh yeah. I double this

Oh yeah. I double this request.

I want to use ppapi flash with other portable chromium based browsers without install that shit into OS.

Oh. I thought it's a topic about PPAPI-plugin. Anyway. I just want a portable flash which will work like portable java with papps browsers.

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Chrome dropped NPAPI, Firefox 2 ways

I may be wrong, but I think Chrome has dropped support for NPAPI flash a some time ago. According to the Wikipedia article,, Google Chrome 45, in September 2015, permanently dropped all NPAPI support from all platforms.

As for ways to add flash into Firefox, read the second post in, for two different ways of adding flash to Firefox Portable. One way is copying either the 32-bit, 64-bit, or both versions of the NPAPI plugin into FirefoxPortable/Data/Plugins (depending whether 32-bit, 64-bit, or both modes of Firefox Portable are used), or choosing installing as a Firefox addon called PlayFlash (you can only choose either 32-bit and 64-bit and must match same mode as browser, so disabling one mode may be needed if Firefox Portable is used on 32-bit AND 64bit machines)

I believe this should of been posted in the Internet App Support rather than Other Apps.

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