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Editing bookmarks freezes firefox...

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Editing bookmarks freezes firefox...

If I do ANY bookmark management, mozilla freezes while it writes to the USB drive. Is there some way to make this process faster (other than copying the directory locally, which kind of defeats the purpose)?

John T. Haller
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You may just have a large bookmarks file and a slow drive, which means lots of reads n writes whenever you edit it. You could disable the favicons, which decreases the size significantly.

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Another thing to try

...would be to see if you have your drive formatted in fat32 or NTFS. I understand that NTFS does not work on all operating systems, but i found that before i formatted to NTFS it too forever to make changes to my bookmarks, but now its instantanous.

Use the following run command to do it.

convert Secret /FS:NTFS /NoSecurity

where X=USB drive letter

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