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Bitvise Tunnelier for SSH tunnel/Socks proxy?

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Bitvise Tunnelier for SSH tunnel/Socks proxy?

Just thought I'd mention a program I've used a little called "Tunnelier". It's a great little package from bitvise that's free for personal use (and even some use within corp. env.). Not sure just how the license would work with Portable Apps, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning:

Among the cool features of this little package are SSH tunneling, full transparent FTP to SFTP translation (great given the number of FTP based portable apps in the dist), all sorts of local proxy service capabilities (SOCKS 4/5, etc), and command line sftp and ssh clients.

Most notably, they thought ahead and gave it the ability to run from a portable device by having the ability to not use the registry, I just don't know if the installer will make it easy or difficult to stick on a portable drive.

Either way, a section in the list of apps and maybe some batch programs or instructions on setting it up for personal use with PStart.exe might be a good thing. It seems like the perfect compliment to anyone that wants to travel and use "portable apps" without having to deal with internet connection blocking, etc. The proxy and ssh tunneling capabilities are perfect for portable firefox and the like Smile