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[Closed] Thunderbird crashes upon startup

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[Closed] Thunderbird crashes upon startup

Getting Mozilla Crash Reporter pop-up. Text is "We're Sorry Thunderbird had a problem and crashed. To help us diagnose and fix the problem, you can send us a crash report". Two boxes are checked, "Tell Mozilla about this crash so they can fix it" and "Allow Mozilla to contact me about this report". I entered my e-mail address where indicated, and clicked "Quit Thunderbird". "There was a problem submitting report" is then displayed in the crash pop-up. So, I can't submit any useful debugging information, and I can't open Thunderbird.

Full disclosure: I had a problem with my Portable Apps flash drive which I was unable to resolve (the drive cannot be read or formatted). I installed the latest Portable Apps on a new drive, installed the latest Thunderbird, then copied the folder \PortableApps\Thunderbird\Data\profile from a back-up to the same location on the new flash drive.

J Neutron
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Need to start once

It has been my experience that the new installation of ThunderbirdPortable needs to be run once "out of the box" with initial configuration before dropping an outside profile into place.

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