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USB Stick suggestions

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USB Stick suggestions

Not sure if this is the best forums but....

Anyone had an experience with this or have any suggestions for other ones.


1. Super secure encryption system
2. Dust/Shock Proof (it's going on my keyring)


John T. Haller
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Can you wait?

Can you wait a few weeks for an answer? We may have a new partner shortly that could have a good option.

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Wooo... What are you up to John? A "new partner" sounds like the PA.c logo is going to be on a new tumbdrive...

Load the App and Play :evil:

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Would that new partner ship

Would that new partner ship to locations other than the US, which the very limited information on the current CustomUSB seemed to suggest they were limited to.

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Ken Herbert
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CustomUSB do ship outside the

CustomUSB do ship outside the US.

When you get to the PayPal shopping cart page, you just have to select "Ship outside U.S." and you can select your country.

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