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Open office portalble and Java Run Time

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Open office portalble and Java Run Time

I just installed Portable Apps and the open office portable tonight. It asked to register but then needs Java Runtime so I install the Jportable but that does not satisfy Open Office so I search and find the info about copying Java from my C:\program files\java to the common folder.

NOTHING is working so far. Seems like it should be simple enough. I'm running Windows 7. Does it need to run on something older like XP or win98?

I could not find that portablizer 1.1 that was mentioned. Sigh..... Sad

Ken Herbert
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We've been unable to release

We've been unable to release new versions of OpenOffice for quite a while now due to OpenOffice's ownership changing hands and we are yet to receive permission to package anything newer than 3.2.0 (but John is working on it).

I can't say for certain, but I'm guessing the age of the current OpenOffice package means that it may not be compatible with Java 7. You are welcome to try the last release of jPortable 6 hosted here, but I would instead recommend moving to LibreOffice, as it has had more than a year of new features added since the last package of OpenOffice was released, and we know it works with jPortable 7.

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... yet to receive permission ... working on it???

Hmm, from the "OpenOffice 3.4 Portable?" thread, it appears that OpenOffice's Rob Weir reached out in August of last year, and John replied that he posted a build for testing. There haven't been any further replies (in that thread) from either Rob or John, despite a few requests for status updates.

The OpenOffice "ports" page doesn't list PortableApps, and I'd be surprised they'd allow WinPenPack rights and not PortableApps.

Perhaps its another case of a missed connection? Or do you have further details beyond what's in that thread? Thx in advance.

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More Info Soon

I'm still working on it but other priorities got in the way (like financially and technically supporting the site and our other existing apps). We will likely have OpenOffice at some point in the very near future now that the reign of Oracle (and OpenOffice being forced to blow us off) is over. We highly recommend LibreOffice Portable at the moment.

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