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Change of launch behaviour with recent core update ??

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Change of launch behaviour with recent core update ??

I have a launcher that launches an editor.

The editor itself is capable of merging multiple instances so that separate launches with different source files get displayed as tabs within a single instance.

This used to work without problem - but recently I have noticed that launching a second (or 3rd) instance causes the second to run as a separate process and not get merged.

The Prortable.ini file has the following set :-

Nothing has changes recently in the app or the editor - so I am at a bit of a loss to understand what is going on.

Has anything changed recently in the main system that might explain this ??


Ken Herbert
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What core update are you

What core update are you talking about?

Unless you have recently updated the PortableApps Launcher and rebuilt the app package there is no way that anything could have changed.

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