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Latest PortApp Suite 12.0 Beta 2 - Four Fixes Request

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Latest PortApp Suite 12.0 Beta 2 - Four Fixes Request

The Portable Apps Suite 12.0 Beta 2 has very ugly font (large enabled or not enabled). They look absolutely awfully appalling. I can't stand them. This will drive people out.

FIX No 1:
Please use DROID SANS font for the Menus. To compare fire up Xubuntu (no need to install anything on your HDD, just boot from CD- nothing will be installed on your HDD) and see THE VERY BEAUTIFUL FONT setup on APPLICATIONS TITLES. The font used is DROID SANS. ITS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Esp. if its setup the way like in Xubuntu. WOW!

FIX No 2:
The SYSTRAY ICON is ugly and UNSHAPELY. Don't use it. Revert to the OLD ONE.

FIX No 3:
The ordinary ICON is the bigger version of the ugly unshapely systray one. Its ugly as hell too. Revert to old one.

FIX No 4:
On TOP RIGHT corner of the AppSuite Menu there's INVISIBLE icon that opens "Libraries/Documents" on the C: Drive. The porpuse? Why invisable?

Themes are also ugly and flat. Blueghrr. Sorry Blueeegghrr.

Thanks. Hope for good fixes. I like Portable Apps very much. Thank you.

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1. We won't use Droid Sans. We debated using it on our website, but it doesn't support all the languages the Platform does. So, we use Segoe UI if it is available (Windows 7 and up) and otherwise Tahoma.

2. If yours looks other than this screenshot, you likely have large fonts on, which causes Windows to mess up all sorts of things.

3. The response has been near-universal approval of it, as it looks modern and more like current OS design as opposed to the dated glassy beveled look in 10.0. We won't be reverting. You'll be able to pick an alternate icon in an upcoming release. If it is distorted somehow, please provide a screenshot.

4. That's for picking a personal picture if you want one.

5. If you don't like the theme, pick one of the older/dated ones. They're all included, too so users can make things look however you want.

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