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Error on StartUp: "Invalid floating point operation"

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Error on StartUp: "Invalid floating point operation"

I installed the PAplattform on a network-disk. On start-up i get a pop-up with the error "Invalid floating point operation".

Same error occurs when clicking on the taskbar icon.
When I right-click on the icon and select the "Options", the expected menu works fine. After clicking on "ok" in the options menu the PAPlattform occurs but with the following error:
"Access violation at address 00499ECF in module 'PortableAppsPlatform.exe'. Read of address 0000061."
The Plattform itself shows placeholder with "lblAppbuttonxx", where xx is a number from 01 to 20.
After clicking on the Error Message the "Invalid floating point operation" error pops up again.

Any suggestions?


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Error on StartUp: "Invalid floating point operation"

I installed Platform on a Synology NAS. On one of my computer under Windows 7 32 bit there is an error on Platform startup: "Invalid floating point operation". Under Windows 8 Pro 64 on the same computer Platrorm starts ok. On another two computers under Windows 7 32 bit Platform starts ok.

Please advise

PS. Sorry, it's my fail. I just forget to mount drives

BR, Valeriy

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Fixed - need to get size/free space

I installed to a network drive (a Tonido Plug) and got the constant "invalid floating point operation". I moved the files to a real thumb drive, and no popups.

I'm guessing the problem is there is a call to get the amount of free and/or total space on a network drive (as opposed to a synced cloud drive which exists locally), and it is returning zero or NaN or something, and this isn't being caught.

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Other fix, map network drive

It also seems to work if I map the network drive, so \\nas\PortableAppVolume gives errors, but P:\ mapped to the share doesn't

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I'll give that a try...
Would be nice if the NC path worked. I'll be mapping a lot of P:\ drives for my 160 vm's....


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Error floating point and with map error opening file for write

Hi, I have the same problem, if I install in the path using the network name: \\NasName\Application\Portable Programs\PortableApps, then when I try run the start.exe program I get error of floating point, but if I map the path to Z:\Application\Portable Programs\PortableApps then at start of installation, the installer show the error opening file for write:

Z:\Application\Portable Programs\PortableApps\Desktop.ini

If I continue, I see the same error for the folders video, music and others and after the installation process continue but after not work.

Is possible run the app in folder network or is there other download for installation network?


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