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I have a inventory based program that I would like to run from my flash drive. The program is completely freeware. It gives me the option to install on any drive. If I choose my flash drive I get a lot or path related errors. Could someone make this program run off a flash drive? I would upload the program and it would be of use to the community here if anyone could correct these path or directory path related errors.

This is a download link to the file good for 5 to 7 days:

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John T. Haller
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Just because something is freeware, doesn't mean you're allowed to do anything with it. Generally, freeware (software with no monetary cost) still has a license agreement that is just as restrictive as any commercial software. So, unless the publisher specifically says you can... you can't modify it, redistribute it, repackage it, etc.

The good thing about open source software is that the included license gives you all of these rights... along with the source code for it.

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