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Publishing from NVU

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Publishing from NVU

I'm new to building a website and have found one possible 'glitch' which i'm unsure about. Earlier today i was going to publish some files and had them open (about 6/7) after saving some corrections.

I had only published files before individually i.e. one open checked over then published. With the 6/7 open i tried to publish each one in turn after checking and NVU seemed to crash. I rebooted the PC, opened up files individually, published them one-by-one and no problems. Is it because the links can be conflicting if certain files are sent in a batch or something?

I did try uploading a number from FireFTP and found the links didn't seem to work and had to refresh the browser for each page - which i thought wasn't quite right!

Don't think it is anything wrong with software but would be grateful for comments from the more knowledgeable.