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Significant slow-down with USB-based homepage

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Significant slow-down with USB-based homepage

For a project, we're running Firefox Portable v19.0 off a USB thumb drive with a few plugins to kiosk-ify the end user experience. All the pages the user needs are also included on the USB so we've hidden the address bar, status bar and requests for updates in about:config. The one last spot of major trouble we're having is with the main page which follows the intro splash page.

The loading from the splash page to the main page takes anywhere between 3-8 seconds depending on the speed of the PC we test it out on, but the content is fairly minimal and no other page takes so long to load. Theres some small bits of Javascript (accordian menu) and a

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preload before needed

Have you tried setting the splash screen to have a delay, and use that delay to preload the data that is slow in page number 2?

An example for preloading images:

Their example is for preloading an image used on the same page, so they put the script in the head.

In your case just put the script at the end of the body. Splash screen loads and displays, then preload.

Hope this helps!

Michael D. Shook

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