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Automatic Proxy Configuration URL - on USB drive (file:// ??)

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Automatic Proxy Configuration URL - on USB drive (file:// ??)

When I want to use the Portable Firefox on my work and home, the proxy setup must differ per environment. I've tried to use a proxy.pac within the Automatic Proxy Configuration URL, but it didn't seem to work with a file URL (file://).

Has anybody else experience with these automatic proxy configuration on a USB drive using Portable Firefox??

Any help is appreciated!! Thanks in advance.


Peter Meijer

John T. Haller
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It should be:


if that doesn't work, perhaps resource:///proxy.pac and placing it within the directory containing Firefox.exe.

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meijerpeter (not verified)
The file:/// didn't work, I

The file:/// didn't work, I already knew the extra slash Wink
The resource:/// did the tric!!

Thanks for your reply!

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I use the SwitchProxy addin

I use the SwitchProxy addin for Firefox and Thunderbird that works a treat, although I have to remember to change each.

I am about to start searching for a portable proxy server, that way i can point all my apps at it and I just have to change one configuration. That's the plan anyway.

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