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Pidgin: SIPE plugin for Lync / Office Communicator?

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Pidgin: SIPE plugin for Lync / Office Communicator?

Hi All,

First post here, but been using these apps for years. LOVE EM.

So, I've read quite a bit about installing the SIPE plugin to allow Pidgin to work with a MS Lync Server. Is this possible with Pidgin Portable? Has anyone done this? I, of course, don't want to "install" anything, and can't seem to get the Office Communicator option to show up just by dropping dlls into the app folder as directed here:

Any thoughts? Any other chat programs that can emulate Lync on a home PC?


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There is a problem using (the

There is a problem using (the latest) Pidgin, with (the latest) SIPE plugin.
To get everything working the following environment variable, in windows, needs to be set:


reed more about this issue here

Also check out my own post in this forum!

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