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KMyMoney Windows Build Now Available - It is Extremely Good

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KMyMoney Windows Build Now Available - It is Extremely Good

I have been a contented GnuCashPortable user since the first builds appeared on this site. I switched to GnuCash from Quicken in 2007. However, I have been playing with the latest KMyMoney stable windows build 4.6.3 I have seen the light, and it's KMyMoney. It would be a wonderful addition to the stable, and a more familiar Quicken or MSMoney alternative. It is the slickest free or open source finance program I have tried, and I have tried almost all of them in recent years, but saw nothing better than GnuCash until now.

It can be found on the KMyMoney web site -->

What is KMyMoney? According the the website it is "the BEST Personal Finance Manager for FREE Users, full stop." Well, that's a pretty bold claim, but it is a strong competitor for GnuCash IMHO. It is under active development, and is well documented.

What about the pain of switching from GnuCash? KMyMoney has an option to import GnuCash files directly. Not the usual messy QIF file import process that we all curse at. It handled both the unzipped & zipped GnuCash file format without errors, with a zipped file size of approximately 1 Mb. Thousands of transactions, lots of accounts, and categories with several levels of subcategories. It worked perfectly! I did not need to clean up the imported transactions at all - so moving to KMyMoney is painless.

Bottom line - I like it a lot. The feature set is very comparable to GnuCash for home users. The interface is light years ahead. There are other builds too. I have also successfully installed via Mac Ports onto a MacBookPro. What a slow and tedious process that was, but the pain quickly faded when it worked. The data file shared happily via Dropbox with my Windows box. I plan to replace GnuCash with KMyMoney. If only there was a version (sigh...) Is anyone game to have a go?