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Custom theme

How can an advanced user build their own theme in ver 11.2 or the new beta 12?

I had a theme i built for a prior version that i liked and want to use again.


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Custom theme

Currently custom theming is not supported by the platform.
But there are some work-arounds. I use my personal theme, too.

Let me explain step by step how I did it:

- Create a copy of folder
- Now choose one of the available themes in
(DefaultDark f.e.) and modify the files according to your theme
You mentioned that you are an experienced themer so you will know which files to modify.
- After all go to Options -> Designs in the Portable Apps menu and set the theme to the one you modified before. Done!

I hope this helps.
Feel free to come back for further questions if there are any.

Kind regards

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