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i am new to portable apps so i would appreciate any help regarding a question i have- whenever i save a file to the pendrive after using Libreoffice, even though it's not saved on the computer- why does the name of the file appear in the 'Recents' Window? I thought there was not supposed to be any trace of what we do! Or am i missing something?


Ken Herbert
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On Windows systems there are

On Windows systems there are always traces of the activities you do - there is no way to prevent them all.

Windows itself, as well as certain software such as firewalls, antivirus and similar apps, record activity of the programs and files you open.

Where possible we do make the effort to prevent or remove such things, but there are some that just cannot be handled without the potential to destroy data from non-portable applications installed on the system.

There is nothing that the PortableApps Launcher can do to prevent, or undo, some of these traces, so they are acceptable in the PortableApps definition of "portable".

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