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Jk Defrag GUI has a virus

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Jk Defrag GUI has a virus

I don't know if it has been fixed yet or not but i use clamwin portable and a few weeks ago i used it to scan my usb device, i do this atleast once a week when up on the screen it was showing that jkdefrag gui had a trojan embedded in it!!!!

needless to say i removed jkdefrag from the usb device and until the portable app author can guarrantee that there is in fact no trojans or virus' i am not using jkdefrag at all.

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It Doesn't

Considering that jkDefrag hasn't been altered in 11 months, it hasn't magically gotten a virus in recent days. What has happened is either (1) your personal copy on your USB drive has gotten infected or (2) ClamWin is detecting it as a false positive due to the fact that it is coded in AutoIT. The latter reason is why we no longer accept or update apps based on AutoIT as it is a common issue.

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