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WaveShop 1.0.07 opens AAC/MP4; request for big icon

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WaveShop 1.0.07 opens AAC/MP4; request for big icon

I'm the developer of WaveShop, and I wanted to reply to suggestions made by John T. Haller (via email in Feb.), and also apprise you of recent updates to the app; I hope this is the appropriate forum. John asked me about donations. The donation link broke due to changes at SourceForge; the correct link is: He also asked about a 128px icon; that's now available here: and looks much better than upscaling the 48px icon. Finally, he asked about "improved graphics for [the] toolbar" and mentioned that since the app is GPLed, I would have access to a "wide array of graphics that could be a good fit". I'm open to that idea, could you point me in the right direction?

Regarding updates: By popular demand, the latest version of WaveShop (1.0.7) can open AAC files, and MP4 files containing AAC audio, via libfaad2. The AAC import can generate 16-, 24-, or 32-bit PCM, and supports downmixing surround to stereo. This version also adds context-sensitive help, and an option to specify the location for temporary files. The latter is useful if the system temporary folder has insufficient free space, e.g. because the OS is installed on a small partition. The next version will primarily focus on extending WaveShop's core functionality to include recording (requested by numerous users) and metadata editing.