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Haiti Futur
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Open Sankoré

Edit : sorry i just read the request guideline.. so, in a nutshell :

Program: Open Sankore

License: GPL V3.0 General Public License

Description: see below




I work for a Haitian association whose project is to deploy Interactive White Boards (IWB) in schools in Haiti. It is part of the Sankore project.

Sankore is the name of the software used to maximize the potential of the Interactive White Board. It is the platform that has been chosen to create and share educational content for IWBs all over the world.

Basically France bought the Sankore license last year and made it open source.

Here's the project website :
The download link is here : .

Now, i'd be interested in using a portable version. There has already been one in development some times ago (here's a beta version : but i fail at finding informations on the timeline of the project, which is an important parameter for me at the moment.

The beta version linked above has some unconvenient bugs: for instance, there is a file management tool that save automatically all work opened/done in Sankore. The save function is off in the portable version. Moreover, the flash content does not work very well.

Thus i looked on the internet, either to portabilize myself the software or at least find how to edit some parameters, but i'm afraid my basic student-engineer knowledge won't allow me to success within a decent time limit, especially after watching the different tutorials available here..

So basically here are my questions :

1) how much time does it requires to "portabilize" an application, since it seems to be a mechanical process at the end

2) in the case of Open Sankore, do you think it will keep the save function described above, the flash tools, etc..

3) depending on the answers for the 2 first questions, would someone here be interested in making it portable ?

Thank you for your time.

(ps : sorry for bad grammar/vocabulary.. i'm not a native english speaker).

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I'll Try It

Hello everybody, i will try to make this portable.
my school has got a interactive whiteboards to.
but we (the pupils) are not allowed to install on our computer.

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Version available on Framekey

French only.

Anyone work out an english version?

John T. Haller
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Some Issues

I checked it and the FK one has some issues. It leaves the Trolltech registry keys behind and doesn't include the VC++ runtimes so it fails on XP that doesn't have them installed. It's also outdated as I think FK is mostly abandoned at this point.

All that said, it seems like an interesting app that could be a useful addition, so perhaps a dev here may pick it up.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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The request @ Sankore's website


A request has been made on the Sankore's forum years ago.
But, the developers didn't made any portable version of Sankore or Open-Sankore. I'm still using the old and outdated Sankore version for Framakey !!
A portable version of this software would be very usefull for the teachers. We have to work at school and at home. But the PC (installed with each Interactive whiteboard) must stay at school. So Sankore portable version on USB key would be a "must have" for us.
I think the first portable software for Interactive whiteboard (Sankore, ActivInspire, ect...) will have a lot of professional users (but developers seems to not understand that point of view).

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